Deposit and Withdraw cryptos and fiat:
QuantDART empowers you with the convenience to deposit and withdraw fiat into and from your linked bank accounts, wherever you are.

Never miss another trade:
QuantDART’s portfolio management tools mean you’ll never miss another trading opportunity. Track your portfolio, market data, and react to market swings instantly, in real-time.

Manage your Investment Portfolio:
Track where all your assets are and check how they are doing. If you need to make any adjustments, it's all available to your fingertips through your smartphone.

Allocate your digital assets into one of our Managed Funds:
Check out all our managed investment products, which range from DeFi to large cap growth and from fixed-income to aggressive quantitative analysis. Let us help you find a product which fits your investment profile. It has never been easier, and yet secured, to invest in digital assets.

Manage your wallets:
Get the full power of QuantDART in the palm of your hand. We designed QuantDART from the ground up to give you the best crypto management experience, right on your mobile device. Smooth, stable and optimal performance – wherever you go.

Ultimate security:
QuantDART is built to be as secure as possible. We store your digital assets in 100% cold wallet storage, for ultimate security. Log in quickly and safely.

Regulated & trusted:
As an international digital assets platform, we take our regulatory obligations seriously. We are the first global digital assets investment management platform licensed to operate by Astana International Finance Centre (AIFC), which sets the standard for our core policies globally.